Why ONLY Smart Home

ONLY was created with the objective of conceiving secure and uncomplicated technological solutions for homes and buildings, integrating automation, climatization, security and audio.

It is easy to understand why we chose this name.  It is the only complete solution with proven reliability that can deliver:

  1. Simplicity of installation, configuration and use

  2. Total Privacy and Data Protection

  3. Harmony of design among the different systems

  4. Seamless Connectivity

Lighting & Automation

Intelyo Sp. z o.o.

Switches Dimmers Blinds Outlets Devices


Intelyo Sp. z o.o.

Heating Cooling Ventilation Underfloor Programming


Intelyo Sp. z o.o.

Intrusion Alert Leakage Alert (Smoke/Water/Gas) Presence Simulation Panic Alarm


Intelyo Sp. z o.o.

Multi-room Audio Bluetooth Streaming FM Independent Controls

Status message

While you’re still in bed, at the set time to wake up, your lights turn on gradually. Blinds roll up and the coffee machine starts working. Your home is getting ready for you. The bathroom is nice and warm and the alarm system that watched over you at night switches to day mode.

When you leave the house, with just one touch of a button, all the devices will be safely turned off, for example, the coffee machine, the oven, the iron, and the lights. The All Off Function switch is located both next to the front door, so you will never forget, and in the web app, which you can access from anywhere.

During the day, if nobody is in the room, it won’t be heated. But after work, you will come home to a comfortable and cosy home.

At night, if you have to get out of bed, you can have muted lighting in the hallway and bathroom before you even get up. No need for bright lights to get everyone excited in the middle of the night.

It’s always a good feeling when you know everything is taken care of.