Innovation ONLY in security systems:
The ONLY security system allows you to enjoy your house, knowing that it is always protected against gas or water leakage, fire or smoke and intrusion. Among that it enables the control of main functions through any telephone.

The security system is independent and may arm itself at night and disarm in the morning without any human intervention. It also integrates totally with the rest of the system, allowing creating scenarios “out-of-house”, “arrival at home” and “alarm”, simulation of people at home and control via telephone. For example, when you leave the house you only press one button on the key-chain remote control: after the exit time the scenario “out-of-home” is automatically selected, configuring your house the way you defined.
Like this you can switch off all the lights and music, close all the shutters or, if you prefer, leave the shutter of the kitchen slightly open while the others are closed, all made automatically.

Even if you are not at home, through a simple telephone call, you can arm and disarm the alarm, switch on and off the gas, water supply, heating, lights, open and close shutters, etc.
The installation is similar to other conventional security systems with dedicated tubes and cables. You may use expansion units throughout the house to make wiring easier and increase the number of zones. The PSTN telephone dialer can also be connected to a GSM adapter, allowing connection to 24-hour call centres or voice telephones.

Application examples

Burglar alarm: In the event of a burglary, up to eight telephone numbers can be contacted, leaving voice or text messages. In addition, a siren is triggered. A double detection option avoids false alarms: the siren only runs if at least two sensors are activated.

Presence simulation: Lights, music and shutters will go on and off, or up and down, at different times, just as if somebody was at home.

Fire, gas, water: Alarms are sounded in the event of leakage of gas, water damage, fire and smoke. If the smoke detectors go off at night, then the lights will go on throughout the entire house and the shutters will open to allow access to all escape and rescue routes.

Presence Simulation

With presence simulation the lights are switched on and off in the individual rooms, so it looks like somebody is at home. The shutters will be closed in the evening and rolled up in the morning. If these actions always take place at the same time, however, then that won’t really discourage a burglar. On the contrary, they actually show that no one is at home.

Our smart presence simulation adds a time changing feature. The times are automatically calculated based on the astronomical sunrise and sunset times. They are also randomly moved around so it really looks like there is somebody at home. So, for example, the light in the living room will come on between 0 to 60 minutes after sunset and will remain on for 120 to 240 minutes. The roller shutters will open between 0 and 60 minutes after sunrise, but not before 7 o’clock in the morning.

All of the settings can be adjusted using the app. The algorithms are already stored and you only need to indicate which devices you want to include in the presence simulation. Apart from an IP gateway, this will not require any additional hardware or an alarm system. An alarm system, however, will offer additional functionalities, as shown on the following page.