Cosy warmth in winter, and pleasantly cool in summer. That costs energy and, therefore, money. Air conditioning is the highest energy cost in a house. All the more reason to use energy as efficiently as possible while achieving the desired level of comfort.

ONLY Smart Home provides the appropriate controls for heating systems with boilers and radiators, underfloor heating, air flow systems and various air conditioning systems. The combination possibilities are particularly efficient. For example heating and air conditioning can work in conjunction to bring a room up to the desired warmth level quickly, thus avoiding lengthy initial heating phases. Other examples of combinations are:

In summer, the shutters can automatically close if no one is present and the sunlight is making the room too warm. Of course, each room can be controlled individually.

In winter, you might open the window in the bathroom to let some fresh air in. It’s only hours later that you remember to close it. So the bathroom is freezing cold. This is all the more frustrating when the radiator is on, fighting an uphill battle against the cold and wasting lots of energy. In a Smart Home the heating is automatically turned off when a window is open. What’s even smarter and also a possibility is that after a few minutes you can have the window close automatically.

Like all other ONLY switches, the programmable thermostats can all be installed as flush mounted switches with movement sensors. A module with an LCD screen manages the timetables for each thermostat. The integration of presence detectors will also result in further energy savings.

Of course, you can control the air conditioning remotely using your smartphone via the Internet. In conjunction with the ONLY alarm system you can also control it using a simple telephone – no need for an Internet connection. When you go on holiday, set the heating to a minimum and before you come home, simply select your desired temperature. You will be returning to a cosy and comfortable home.

Application examples

Heating at the right time: In addition to the time- and sensor-controlled activation of heating you can also turn it on and off remotely via our web app. This is especially advantageous when you away for a longer period, as you can have your house nice and cosy when you return.

Heating off: When a window is open (ventilation) the heaters in the room are automatically switched off and then switched on again when it is closed. The integration of presence detectors will also lead to further energy savings.  The air conditioning is automatically switched off as soon as the room is not occupied.

Remote control without internet: If your clients do not want to connect their Smart Home to the internet to be 100% certain that nobody can enter, they can still control the heating and the roller shutters remotely via the alarm system. This works by phone, whereby they call the system and give instructions.