On each point it is possible to install touch panels with 2, 4, 6 or 9 keys, providing flexibility of control without increasing the number of commands.


ONLY Smart Home provides the appropriate controls for heating systems with boilers and radiators, underfloor heating, air flow systems and various air conditioning systems. The combination possibilities are particularly efficient. For example heating and air conditioning can work in conjunction to bring a room up to the desired warmth level quickly, thus avoiding lengthy initial heating phases. Other examples of combinations are:


The ONLY audio system was conceived to provide both local and distributed sound throughout the house in HiFi quality.


The security system is independent and may arm itself at night and disarm in the morning without any human intervention. It also integrates totally with the rest of the system, allowing creating scenarios “out-of-house”, “arrival at home” and “alarm”, simulation of people at home and control via telephone. For example, when you leave the house you only press one button on the key-chain remote control: after the exit time the scenario “out-of-home” is automatically selected, configuring your house the way you defined.